Dialing code for India - 91. List of India phone codes.

The international dialing code of the country is India 91.

Calls are initiated by dialing these code to call India from other countries.

We’ve listed all the dialing codes for India in table below are the dialing codes of the regions and cellular operators in India.

If you received an unknown incoming phone call from India, you can determine who called you. Using the tables below, you can find out from which region or which mobile network the call was made.

If you are in the country of India, then for calls to another country simply dial your prefix of international direct dialing, dial country code and national telephone number.

Use our form to find out the international direct dialing (IDD) prefix and the code destination country.

Mobile codes of India

Carrier Mobile Codes
Reliance Jio +91-600
Idea +91-61279
Reliance Jio +91-620
Vodafone +91-6208
Idea +91-6209
Airtel +91-6230
Airtel +91-6232
Idea +91-6235
Reliance Jio +91-6238
Reliance Jio +91-6239
Reliance Jio +91-626
Idea +91-6262
Idea +91-6269
Reliance Jio +91-628
Airtel +91-6287
Reliance Jio +91-629
Vodafone +91-6292
Idea +91-6293

Phone codes India

City Dial Codes
New Delhi +91-11
Ghaziabad/Dadri, Uttar Pradesh +91-120
Meerut, Uttar Pradesh +91-121
Hapur, Uttar Pradesh +91-122
Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh +91-1232
Mawana, Uttar Pradesh +91-1233
Baghpat/Baraut, Uttar Pradesh +91-1234
Sardhana, Uttar Pradesh +91-1237
Gurgaon, Haryana +91-124
Charkhidadri, Haryana +91-1250
Jhajjar, Haryana +91-1251
Loharu, Haryana +91-1252
Tohsham, Haryana +91-1253
Bawanikhera, Haryana +91-1254
Siwani, Haryana +91-1255
Meham, Haryana +91-1257
Kalanaur, Haryana +91-1258
Kosli, Haryana +91-1259
Rohtak, Haryana +91-1262
Gohana, Haryana +91-1263