Dialing code for Russia - 7. List of Russia phone codes.

The international dialing code of the country is Russia 7.

Calls are initiated by dialing these code to call Russia from other countries.

We’ve listed all the dialing codes for Russia in table below are the dialing codes of the regions and cellular operators in Russia.

If you received an unknown incoming phone call from Russia, you can determine who called you. Using the tables below, you can find out from which region or which mobile network the call was made.

If you are in the country of Russia, then for calls to another country simply dial your prefix of international direct dialing, dial country code and national telephone number.

Use our form to find out the international direct dialing (IDD) prefix and the code destination country.

Mobile codes of Russia

Carrier Mobile Codes
Altel +7-700
Kcell/Activ +7-701
Kcell/Activ +7-702
Beeline +7-705
Beeline +7-706
Tele2 +7-707
Altel +7-708
Tele2 +7-74
Kulan +7-760
Nursat +7-762
Arna +7-763
2Day Telecom +7-764
Beeline +7-771
Kcell/Activ +7-775
Beeline +7-776
Beeline +7-777
Kcell/Activ +7-778
Tele2 +7-9000
Motiv +7-90003
Motiv +7-90004

Phone codes Russia

City Dial Codes
Republic of Buryatia +7-301
Chita +7-302
Baikonur +7-33
Udmurtian Republic +7-341
Perm +7-342
Ekaterinburg +7-343
Tyumen +7-345
Surgut +7-346
Republic of Bashkortostan +7-347
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District +7-349
Chelyabinsk +7-351
Kurgan +7-352
Orenburg +7-353
Omsk +7-381
Tomsk +7-382
Novosibirsk +7-383
Kemerovo +7-384
Altai Territory +7-385
Republic of Altai +7-388
Republic of Khakassia +7-390